OC Summit1James E. Stevens D.M.D.

Dr. Stevens graduated from the University of Oregon Dental School, now Oregon Health Sciences University, in Portland, Oregon. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University. Dr. Stevens and his wife, Rosalie, returned to their hometown of Sunnyside, Washington, to raise their family, following his service in the US Army Dental Corp during the Viet Nam War. He has continued his professional education with significant post-graduate study of cosmetic dentistry with Las Vegas Institute (LVI), of which he is an alumni; TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) therapy and diagnosis study with Bio Research Associates of Milwaukee WI; and Comprehensive Dental Care planning for individuals and families.

Dr. Stevens’ total-wellness approach to oral health care is reflected in Health and Wellness Alliance, a corporation he founded to provide a network of health care providers and health care affiliates dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach that is accessible to the patient community. Dr. Stevens has been developing this total-wellness approach over the past two decades, notably as past president and founder of Sunn Starr Dental Services, a health-based insurance company designed to promote prevention-based health care. The same concept is continued today in his current practice, which includes the unique system of Long Term Prevention® . Today, Dr. Stevens and Rosalie have transformed their large volume practice of 13 staff members into a personalized care facility of  “singular” dental care appointments. That translates to only one patient at a time for dental care visits to ensure that each patient receives a non-rushed, fully-tailored appointment. This customized care approach provides another option for dental choices for their dental community.

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