Health and Wellness Alliance

OC Summit ChanDr. Stevens Networks his dental practice with stand-out, related health care professionals in Washington And throughout the United States we are Health & Wellness Alliance, Supporting Your Quest for Optimal Health

Doctor of the Teeth

Do you want your teeth to look good, feel good, and last a lifetime?

We are equipped and trained to achieve the optimal results for a radiant, naturally appearing smile that will enhance your appearance;  to restore broken and painful teeth to optimal function and comfort; provide a program giving you the best opportunity for your teeth to last a lifetime.

Jackson, Ron-JimDoctor of the Mouth

Do you want to be able to chew and move your jaw without pain?

We are trained and equipped with the latest technology of jaw function (TMJ), Biting function (Occlusion), and sleep therapy (Airway) .  Our services are designed to enhance your chewing and function of your jaws and teeth to eliminate pain and discomfort.  In addition, we evaluate your airway which affects breathing, sleep, oral function and your overall health.

Teamwork and integration conceptAllied Health Care Professional –Connecting Oral Health to Comprehensive Health

Various health conditions that are related to our TOTAL ORAL CARE program are often presented during our comprehensive health history and examination.  Such “screening” allow us to recommend care for these conditions from your MD or health care professionals as well as the affiliates of Health and Wellness Alliance. Our “oral health care” success  is consistently enhanced when we address all related health conditions and seek appropriate referrals to provide the care necessary to using your health care dollar to the best advantage toward achieving a condition of optimal wellness.

Phased Sequencing dentistry and Long Term Prevention

Through our innovative systems of Phased Sequencing and Long Term Prevention , Yes, You Too Can begin your quest to have your teeth – Look good, feel good and last a lifetime – and to be able to – Chew and function without pain.