High Tech Solutions

BioPAKThe three major components for optimal dental health are: Teeth, Muscles, and Jaw Joints. At our office we will test your optimal dental health components and create a baseline for you to have in your records. Your health and quality of life can be heavily affected if your dental health components are not in optimal condition.

How we test your teeth.

3D-archIn our office we use a computerized bite scan that allows us to make a movie of your bite. This movie also tells us if you bite is balance and how much force you are placing on each tooth at any given time. Computerized bite technology is essential in order to maintain health teeth, joints, and muscles.

How we test your muscles.

EMG1In out office we test your face muscles to check for asymmetry and function. Our EMG or surface electromyography technology can tell us if you muscles are in balance and whether your muscle are relaxed or tense. If your muscle are not in balance and are not happy, your teeth and jaw joints will not be happy. The information provided with the EMG is invaluable in our treatment planning.

JVA1How we test your jaw joints (TMJ)

In our office every dental cleaning will begin with a quick test of your jaw joints using our Joint Vibration Analysis technology. This technology allows us to quickly test the health and function of your jaw joints. Your jaw joint health is crucial to your long term oral health program.

Matscan Tscan syncHow we test your posture and balance

In our office we believe overall body posture and balance is related to proper oral health and tooth position. We encourage patients to test their balance and stability using our matscan system developed by Tekscan.

GK Right TMJ GK Right TMJ1How we see your facial bones

In our office we rely on digital radiography to reduce the risk of radiation exposure to our patients. We often refer patients for a CBCT scan (most advance dental imaging technology to date) to verify that the health and position of the jaw joint. This scan is read by a certified radiologist and a report is printed for the patients records.