Long Term Prevention

Woman and teeth flossLong-Term-Prevention (LTP) is designed to cut your 30-year risk to oral disease by 85-90%. Imagine…85-90% less dental treatment in a 30 year time period. After 35 years of using the current “MODEL” of preventive dentistry the results are obvious. The current prevention “MODEL” fails to achieve the 2012 expectations  for 80% of the dental patient community. What are the expectations?  *Keep my teeth a lifetime. *Live to be 100study.  *Keep all of my teeth.  Dr. Stevens’ Health Alliance has independently observed that the current  prevention “MODEL” is incapable of meeting those expectations. However, our LTP program will meet those expectations. (Developed by Dr. Stevens for their 1982 prevention-based “dental insurance” program, Sunn Starr Dental.)