Sleep Disorder

Fed up man blocking his ears from noise of wife snoring at home in bedroomSleep problems are common place today. The standard, first-line of care that has been adopted for treatment in the field of Sleep Medicine is the oral Jaw Positioner. You may  always be tired in the morning , dozing during conversations or while driving. Snoring is a common indicator of sleep disorders. Or you may have had a medical sleep study provided for you. Our comprehensive Sleep Evaluation and Monitoring may provide you with the necessary tools for a solution to your sleep disorders.

Doctor shows information on blackboard: snoring

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT),  can be very effective for the patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea.  A sleeping appliance can be an excellent alternative for patient’s who are non compliant with their CPAP machines. OATs are  sometimes used in combination with CPAP for in order reduce complication with patient compliance.

The FDA has approved nearly 100 oral devices. The oral appliances are used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. In most cases, the oral appliance is designed to move the lower jaw forward. This allows the doctor to adjust and place the patient’s jaw in the best position or most optimal position to provide the patient with the best airway possible. Correct jaw re-positioning is the best way to open the airway up and improve oxygen consumption. The appliances are custom to the patient and fitted by the dentist who has been trained in dental sleep solutions. Due to the vast number of oral appliances available the patient should be examined and proper diagnostics should be taken before ordering and fitting a sleep solution appliance.

somnodent01 (2)Many oral sleep appliances are made for both the upper and lower teeth. Although they appear to be bulky, most patients report that they work and are comfortable to sleep with.  Again, their are 100’s of appliances available so their most likely will be an appliance that will suit your individual needs and comfort levels.

Close up of a smiling doctor sanding in front of his team“In the U.S oral appliance to treat Sleep Apnea cannot be sold over the counter. The Sleep Physician who read the sleep study must make the recommendation for oral appliance therapy. Then a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine will determine the appropriate appliance design, deliver and fit the appliance for the patient. Follow up visits to ensure efficacy are required in the weeks following the original delivery and fitting of the sleep appliance. Then biannual re-evaluation is recommended(TMJ Therapy Centre)”.